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Don't You Deserve To Play Better Golf?

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✅  Frustrated that you are working hard but not getting better?

✅  Do you feel nervous and anxious when you play in tournaments?

✅  Disappointed that you cannot trust your game in competition?

✅  Confused why you play great in practice rounds but not when it counts?

✅  Do you feel lost and have no idea what to do next?

Finally The Answers You Have Been Looking For

Improve Your Focus 

  • Eliminate bad thoughts and be in the moment
  • The two types of focus you must have in tournament golf
  • The enemies of focus and the one tool you need to beat them
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Increase Confidence

  • The three things you must understand to have confidence
  • The four lies that your brain will tell you that will wreck your belief system  
  • The best tool to gain complete confidence in seconds
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Stay Calm Under Pressure

  • An amazing tool you can use to calm your mind on the first tee
  • The breathing technique used by Navy Seals to deal with stress
  • How to win a tournament when you have the lead
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Hello, I’m Bill Nelson

Like you, I am a golfer and I know what it feels like to struggle with your golf game.

As a mental performance coach for over 20 years. I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of golfers.  My clients have gone on to become PGA and LPGA Champions, NCAA Champions, US Amateur and US Junior winners, and some have even played in the Olympics.

In addition to coaching individual players, I have also coached some of the best college teams in the country.  Many of these teams have won conference titles and have been nationally ranked in the top ten.

Let's begin working together so we can make your golf goals a reality!!


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"I started working with Bill when I was 14 years old. I was at one of my lowest points with golf and even gave serious thought to quitting.  In our first meeting we came up with a plan and he gave me some tools that I could use everyday to get better. That was nearly 10 years ago and since that first lesson I have played golf at Southern Cal, won a NCAA Title, was the Symetra Tour Player of the Year, won my first LPGA event, and made the Solheim Cup Team.  Bill has been such a big help to me on the mental side of my game, I know he can help YOU too."

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Get Started in Three Simple Steps!!

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Step 1

Free Assessment

Take the free assessment so we can determine your strengths and areas of improvement.

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Step 2

Free Assessment Review

Schedule your free 10 minute call to review your assessment and determine golf goals.

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Step 3

Choose Your Plan

Choose online courses or in person training to take your game to the next level.

Free Assessment

I know what you are thinking…

When you are struggling with your golf game, you can feel confused and hopeless.  You feel like you have tried everything: new clubs, new swing teacher, new fitness program.  You begin to wonder, what else can I do?

Can I ease your mind?  It is totally normal to feel this way. There is nothing wrong with you and this has happened to many of the players I have worked with.  The truth is, it is very frustrating to work hard on your game and not see results.  

What you really need is a solid plan for your mental game and some simple tools that you can use easily and effectively.  

I have the plan and tools you need, and they work.  I have taught hundreds of golfers like you who just want to play their best golf.  Whether you work with my program online or in-person, I will teach you the skills you need to reach your full golf potential.

If you would like to begin:

  1. Take the free assessment
  2. Schedule your free call so we can go over your assessment
  3. Choose online courses or in person lessons to train.

I look forward to helping you….

Free Assessment

You Have a Choice to Make


You can keep doing what you're doing, and we both know what the result will be, more confusion and frustration. Or, decide now to fix your mental game and play the golf you want!!


Free Assessment


Do YOU know the 6 Mental Keys

to hitting a golf shot?

(The 6th key will really surprise you)

Mind Management 6 Keys

Download your free step by step worksheet that will show you exactly what you need before and after each shot so you can improve focus, confidence, and feel comfortable over the ball.


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